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Eye Hospitality L.L.C. our rates are individually designed for your needs asis our service. We offer a service and a rate designed to fit your budget and your business.


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About Us

The year 2020 has been heavily defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to global social and economic disruption, mass cancellations and postponements of events, and worldwide lockdowns. This has undeniably affected all the industries overall however predominantly affected the tourism industry that includes aviation, travel, and hospitality.


Being working in the hospitality industry, we closely experienced the impact of the pandemic. Investors, Owners, Managers were under immense pressure. The pressure of sustaining the business led to shutting down of the hotels or restaurants, redundancies, cost control, and many more heart-rending activities.


Where everyone else was going through a mental health crisis personally and professionally due to the economic crisis, We thought of being supportive to the ones in need using our knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise. Where others couldn’t see the opportunities hidden due to the many other things playing roles in their life, We thought of being their third eye through our Eye Hospitality Solutions and succor their agony. 


How Do We Work?

Our 15 years of experience brings a wealth of international knowledge to your business, with an experienced team on hand to customize and implement the solutions for you. We are able to confidently say we can solve any F&B – Hospitality problem needs. With locally-based project management hands-on crew we access your needs, we work with you to identify the core issue and develop programs that meet the needs of your business, creating a tailored made solution resulting in the financial rewards you want to achieve. Creating the programs to solve your F&B – hospitality solutions resulting in profitability.

Eye Hospitality L.L.C. is a Hospitality Solutions group with over 15 years’ worth of experience conceptualizing and operating hospitality businesses. We are not “office dwellers”. We gain our skill, passion, experience &strategic insights from working within the kitchens, at the table, on the restaurant floor, at the retail counter, and most importantly the financial hub. We work one on one with our clients to ensure an individual outcome is created that is a customized tailored solution and unique to your business/operation.

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Our Profile

A creative soul in the pursuit of excellence has lived in the UAE for more than 11 years and all of her diverse international experiences are illustrated in both her business and personal life. She is a seasoned Restaurateur, and Human Resources professional with extensive experience in Training and Development, and Recruitment. Neha has completed her Bachelors of Commerce and has gained professional training in Hospitality and Aviation services. She has worked with reputed companies in the region like Fairmont Hotels, Rotana Hotels and Resorts, and Millennium Hotels and Resorts and was responsible for the service quality improvement. She has also been part of Social Media Marketing and is managing Social Media for Hotel Alento in Gujarat. Neha has participated in several CSR activities and believes that goodness is the only investment that never fails. Neha is a co-founder of Eye Hospitality L.L.C and equally contributes ideas and skills in the development.